San Giovanni Rotondo


  • In San Giovanni Rotondo the remains of Padre Pio are preserved
  • Since 2002 San Giovanni Rotondo has been the stage for several films
  • Padre Pio was proclaimed a saint in 2002
  • The city, which became famous recently, was founded in 1095

Not to Miss:

A visit to the shrine of Padre Pio

San Giovanni Rotondo has become a must for the faithful from all over the world.
The greatest attraction of this town is the small
convent of Padre Pio, located in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.
Inside this church you will find the crypt and a small museum that collects the remains of San Pio and reconstructs his life.
Inside the museum you can visit the small cell where San Pio spent his life.

The “old church” of Santa Maria delle Grazie

In 2004 the new and magnificent church of San Pio was built by architect Renzo Piano.
The church had conflicting judgments as it would not reflect the path of life full of humility of the saint.

Travel Tips:

– The visit to the convent is allowed with a suitable outfit;

– Be careful with the opening and closing times of the church and museum, find info (by clicking here);

– The patronal feast of San Giovanni Rotondo is celebrated on June 24;

– San Giovanni Rotondo there is a heliport with direct flights to the Tremiti Islands;

Photo gallery:

Discover San Giovanni Rotondo

1 The “new church” of San Giovanni Rotondo, designed by Renzo Piano;

2 Interior of the “new church”;

3 The visit to the body of San Pio in the “new church”;

4 The “old church” of Santa Maria delle Grazie;

5 Santa Maria delle Grazie, interior;

6 The cell where San Pio lived;

7 Icon of San Pio displayed in the museum;

8 The body of San Pio;

9 The statue of San Pio carried during the procession;

10 The “new church” , view at sunset;

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