Mattinata and Mattinatella


  • Mattinata is defined as the “Butterfly of the Gargano“, a name due to the ancient urban layout in the shape of a butterfly
  • The coast of Mattinata is famous for its beaches full of small white pebbles
  • There is an enchanting beach, just outside the urban area, called Mattinatella
  • Both from Mattinata and Mattinatella small boats leave to visit the characteristic sea caves
  • You can visit the coast in an ecological and innovative way on a Transparent Canoe

Not to be missed:

A day of relaxation at the sea

Both Mattinata and Mattinatella are excellent choices to spend a relaxing day with all the comforts of the case.
These two beaches of small white pebbles, offer the possibility to enjoy all the services or choose the tranquility of the wild nature.
If you are nature lovers and you want to visit deserted coves, we recommend the rental of a pedal boat or a kayak or the transparent canoe in the beach of Mattinatella.

The beach of Mattinatella

One of the most interesting ways to visit the Gargano coast is to use a green vehicle.
How about a transparent canoe?

Gargano Coast in a TraNsparent Canoe

The peace of the places and the sound of nature will be the setting for an unforgettable experience.
It will be possible to reach and stop at Baia delle Zagare, Cala della Pipa, Cala della Cattedrale and in many other unspoiled beaches.

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We suggest you to spend the afternoon in the small historic center of Mattinata and eat a good homemade ice cream.
On July and August nights, many establishments beaches organize live events and beach parties.
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A day on the boat to discover the sea caves

The coast of Mattinata has dozens of sea caves and pristine beaches, accessible only by sea.
Do you want to enjoy moments of solitude in contact with the wild nature and escape from the crowd in high season?

One of the beaches visited in one of our boat tour

This is the right option for you!
You can rent a small boat or take part in one of the many planned excursions.
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– Trekking and Mtb in Mattinata

Mattinata is a famous seaside resort in the Gargano.

In the surroundings of Mattinata there are many km of trekking and cycling, mtb or e-bike routes.
For mtb or ebike rental and tours click here.

Trekking a Mattinata

Trekking in Mattinata

The nature trails in the Mattinata area are super scenic, full of history and characterized by wonderful nature.
Among the many paths we recommend the Mergoli-Vignanotica path, renamed the Path of Love, the Monte Sacro path and the Monte Saraceno path, super panoramic, with a wonderful Dauna necropolis.

Tour E-Bike a Monte Saraceno

Walking along the Monte Saraceno path you will be able to discover the necropolis with 500 Daunian tombs, a people who lived on the Gargano more than 2500 years ago.
In Mattinata you can visit the new Matteo Sansone museum, dedicated to this ancient people from the East.

Il museo Matteo Sansone

The museum is accessible, allows animals and offers numerous guided tours (discover more).

– Mattinata and its Festivals

Mattinata is famous for numerous festivals dedicated to Gargano excellences.
Around 90 species of spontaneous orchids grow in the morning area, which can be discovered in spring, from April to the beginning of May.

Orchidee del Gargano

The Orchids of the Gargano

Nel ponte del 25 aprile si organizza un intero Festival dedicato alle Orchidee dal nome “Orchidays“.


An entire festival dedicated to Orchids called “Orchidays” will be organized over the long weekend of April 25th.
During the Festival there are numerous themed guided tours and evening events, not to be missed (more info here).

Gargano is famous for its fine EVO oil.
In Mattinata there is a Fextra, an entire festival dedicated to extra virgin olive oil, in mid-October.

Fextra, the oil festival in Mattinata

Fextra is a festival that will allow you to participate in numerous experiences.
You will be able to immerse yourself among the olive trees and participate in the harvest, visit the oil mills, participate in tastings and themed events (discover more).

– What to do in Mattinata in the evening??

Mattinata is a very lively city in summer.
We recommend spending the afternoon in the small historic center of Mattinata and eating a good artisanal ice cream.
On the nights of July and August many establishments organize live events and parties on the beach.
Let yourself be carried away by the long Mattinatesi summers, to be enjoyed in simplicity, with good music, typical dishes and excellent wine made in Puglia.

– What to see around Mattinata

We recommend that you visit the surroundings of Vieste, in the Gargano National Park.
You can start with a visit to Monte Sant’Angelo (click here), a UNESCO site city for the Basilica of San Michele.
Do not miss the Rione Junno, the millenary district of Monte Sant’Angelo.
It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Puglia, where life flows slowly, as in the past.

The Rione Junno of Monte Sant’Angelo

Continue your visit in the city of Manfredonia (click here), discovering the castle and the church of Santa Maria di Siponto.
Have you ever seen a “ghost church”?
We recommend that you visit the church of Santa Maria di Siponto at Sunset (info here).

Santa Maria di Siponto

Santa Maria di Siponto

If you are a bit hot or you simply like unspoiled nature, you cannot miss a visit to the Umbra Forest (click here), a UNESCO site for its beech woods.
In the forest you can do many activities including trekking, MTB and E-Bike.

La Foresta Umbra

The Umbra Forest

From Mattinata it will be possible to take a panoramic tour of the Gargano to discover Vieste, Peschici and the wonderful beaches of the Gargano.

Where to sleep in Mattinata

Here are our choices for a Manfredonia stay:

– Matinèe Bed & Breakfast
Family-run property located in a historic building in the historic center of Mattinata.
The rooms are tastefully decorated. The owners will make you feel at home, giving you info on Mattinata and all the Gargano. (info here)

– Torre Santamaria
Structure located a few meters from the Mattinata bay near a historic coastal tower
The rooms come with a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and a bathroom with shower and hairdryer.
You will also have a private patio overlooking the garden and a wonderful swimming pool. (info here)

Travel Tips:

– From 13th to 16th September the patronal feast of Mattinata is celebrated, full of events;

Tours that we offer have the pick-up service from Mattinata (click here for more information);

Photo gallery:

Discover Mattinata

1 The historic center of Mattinata;

2 The beach of Mattinatella;

3 The Mattinata beach,

4 The Path of Love, few miles from Mattinata;

5 The coastal path of Monte Saraceno;

6 The ascent to Monte Sacro, trekking of the Orchids;

7 The remains of the Monte Sacro Abbey, trekking of the Orchids;

8 An orchid of the Gargano;

The TOP of the Gargano

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