• Manfredonia is called the Gargano door’s
  • The name comes from King Manfredi, who had founded it few steps away from the now abandoned Siponto
  • Manfredonia is the most populous municipality of the Gargano
  • The singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla, originally from this city, has written numerous songs dedicated to this town of Gargano
  • The city of Manfredonia rises in the territory beaten in the past by the Dauni, name with which the inhabitants of Manfredonia are also defined

Not to be missed:

The Basiliche of Siponto

We recommend a visit to the two Basilicas of Siponto.
The city of Siponto was very important in Roman times for its port.
A violent earthquake razed the town in 1223.
Before the recent restoration, the archaeological site of Siponto counted on the Basilica of Santa Maria (Romanico Pugliese style) and on the remains of the oldest early Christian church.

The Basilica of Siponto by Edoardo Tresoldi

In 2015, a restoration of the young Edoardo Tresoldi brought attention to a site that seemed to fall into neglect.
The remains of the church have been brought back to life by the futuristic restoration of the young artistt.
Where there were remains of the church, a 3d church has now been rebuilt.
The technique used involves the use of metal nets intertwined with each other.
Visit the church at sunset to enjoy the changing effects that this work offers with the arrival of the night and the play of light.

Walk along the seafront of Manfredonia

The seafront of Manfredonia

We recommend a walk in Manfredonia in the night.
The town is full of restaurants and clubs always alive, in summer.
The evening ends with a homemade ice cream in the historic Tommasino ice cream parlor or with one of the many evenings organized in the shores of Siponto, few kilometers from Manfredonia.
If you are interested in a tour of Manfredonia, contact the number +39 348/8137728 (whatsapp)

Visit of the Castle and the Daune Stele

The first layout of the Castle is traditionally attributed to the initiative of the son of Frederick II of Swabia, Manfredi (1232-1266).
The castle in its current form is the result of various alterations and restorations carried out over the centuries and the oldest traces identified so far date back to the Angevin age.

The Castle of Manfredonia

The exhibition itinerary follows a chronological criterion that unfolds in four main museum sections enriched by in-depth spaces dedicated to particularly important finds from the territory of northern Puglia, from Prehistory to the Archaic age.

On the first floor there are two rooms: one dedicated to Prehistory (room 1, Neolithic winds. Copper men) and the other to the Bronze Age (room 2, Metropolis of the Bronze Age).

On the ground floor, the exhibition is divided into two other rooms dedicated to the Daunian civilization. The room The land of the foreign king illustrates the finds from the funerary contexts of the main centers of northern Puglia inhabited in pre-Roman times by the Daunis (including Monte Saraceno, Salapia, Cupola-Beccarini, Canosa Toppicelli).

The last section of the exhibition is dedicated to the Daune steles (room 4) which formed the first nucleus of the Museum’s collection and represent the most original cultural manifestation of this indigenous civilization.

For reservations and information contact the number +39 348/8137728.

Tour of Laguna del Re

“If the Lord had known this plain of Puglia, the light of my eyes, he would have stopped and lived here”.
These words were spoken 8 centuries ago by Frederick II of Swabia, father of King Manfredi to whom the name of the reserve is dedicated.
This nature reserve is a paradise for bird watchers.
Among the many species you can spot white and gray herons, cormorants, shelducks, knights of Italy, moorhens, mallards and many others depending on the period of visit.
For reservations and information contact the number +39 348/8137728.

The Oasi laguna del RE

– Experiences near Manfredonia

We have selected the best experiences to have on the Gargano, a few steps from Manfredonia (discover more).
Do you know that a few km from Manfredonia there is the coast of Macchia, Marina di Monte Sant’Angelo.
Look at the spectacle on this E-Bike tour organized by MooVeng (find out more).

Where sleeping in Manfredonia

Here is our choice to stay in Manfredonia:

– B&B Le Ferule
Family-run property located in a historic building in the historic center of Manfredonia.
The rooms are tastefully decorated. Elisabetta will make you feel at home. (info HERE)

–  Domus Bianca Lancia
Small family-run property, located in the historic center of Manfredonia, 2 steps from the sea.

Among the many services it offers rooms with air conditioning, mini fridge.
The owners will be able to show you the best attractions in Manfredonia and Gargano. (info HERE)

Travel Tips:

Attention to the opening and closing times of the 2 Basiliche of Siponto (closing takes place a few minutes after sunset);

– You can buy the ticket for 2 Basiliche HERE, to book the visit to the Castle click prenotare here;

– You can buy the discounted cumulative ticket to visit the 2 Basilicas and the Castle by clicking here;

– Manfredonia is the “carnival” city and is transformed during this period;

– The beaches of Manfredonia are sandy and are taken assoult by tourists in high season;

– The quiet Siponto is transformed and turns on the night life in August;

The tours that we offer have the pick-up service from Manfredonia (click here for more information);

Photo gallery:

Discover Manfredonia

1 The Basilica of Siponto, by Edoardo Tresoldi;

2 The two Basiliche of Siponto;

3 Manfredonia, aerial night view;

4 The historic center seen from the sea;

5 The castle of Manfredonia;

6 The city course of Manfredonia;

7 The seafront of Manfredonia;

8 Manfredonia beach in April;

9 Manfredonia beach in August;

10 A “Carro Mascherato” in the famous Carnival of Manfredonia;

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