The Umbra Forest


  • In 2017, the Umbra Forest has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • It is not clear if the name “Umbra” derives from the word “ombra” (shadow in English), as popularly believed, or from the name of the first inhabitants that have populated it, the “Umbrians” (From Umbra region)
  • In the forest there are 15 marked trails, some of which are suitable for beginners, others for trekking and mountain biking
  • The karstic nature of the subsoil does not allow the formation of large natural lakes
  • The forest is a pristine habitat and protects extinct breeds of animals, among which the there is Capriolo Italico

Not to miss:

The naturalistic museum

In Foresta Umbra there is a small naturalistic museum where you can find information on fauna and flora.
In the museum there is an information point, where there is a service to rent mountain bikes or electric pedal assisted cycle (click here).

The information center is not open all year.
Contact us for information about.

The deer reserve in the Umbra Forest

In the museum, food for deer is sold.
The deer, despite being wild animals, do not delay to approach when they smell the food.
A unique experience to recommend.

Hiking through the forest paths

Bring trekking shoes, a jumpsuit and want to discover the forest trails.
Visits are possible with or without nature guides.
Contact us for information on the upcoming tour.

The map of the paths of the Umbra Forest

The paths have been traced without impacting with nature.
In fact, old mule tracks (trails for pack animals) have been recovered in full respect of fauna and flora.
Getting lost in the untouched nature of the Umbra Forest is a unique experience.

Travel Tips:

– Book the Accomodation with US and reach the Umbra Forest with Shuttle Service, from 5 euros p/p

– The Umbra Forest is located in the Gargano National Park and it is not allowed to light fires;

– In the forest there are two refreshment points with bathroom service, not open all year;

– In the forest there are several free picnic areas;

– Nature is the heritage of humanity, respect it to deliver it intact to our children;

Photo gallery:

Discover Umbra Forest

1 The Umbra Forest lake;

2 Scaranappe’s cutin after a rainy day;

3 Works in Foresta Umbra,

4 The fallow deer reserve;

5 Mountain biking in the Gargano National Park;

6 A “Pagghier” (the Trullo del Gargano) at the gates of the Foresta Umbra;

7 A cow in the Gargano National Park;

8 A turtle in the pond of the Umbra Forest;

9 Autumn leaves;

10 The Umbra Forest in autumn;

The TOP of the Gargano

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