Monte Sant’Angelo


  • Monte Sant’Angelo is the highest inhabited center of the Gargano
  • Since 2011 it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the Basilica of San Michele
  • In 2017 it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the Umbra Forest (click here)
  • There’s a characteristic historical district of more than a thousand years called “Rione Junno
  • Monte Sant’Angelo is a city of cinema, chosen by many directors as a location for films.
  • There are many typical sweets to taste, including ostie ripiene (hosts with almonds and honey)!

What to do and see in Monte Sant’Angelo:

(Not to miss)

Symbol of Monte Sant’Angelo, the Basilica was built on the spot where the Archangel Michael appeared in a cave for the first time.
Access to the Basilica was originally uphill.
After the arrival of the Angioini (from France) in Monte Sant’Angelo, access is by descending 86 steps.

The entrance to the Basilica of San Michele, a UNESCO heritage site

Millions of pilgrims have visited the Basilica over the centuries.
On the walls of the cave there are imprints, drawings, signatures in modern and ancient languages ​​to witness.
In the oldest part of the cave were found signs in the runic language (le Rune), dating back more than 1500 years.
Is possible to admire the most ancient and fascinating part visiting the lapidary museum at a cost of 5 euros.
Many kings, Popes and illustrious figures have passed through this cave, including Pope John Paul II in 1987.

Among the many artifacts kept in the devotional museum, you can find a historical collection of statues of San Michele, made in stone, alabaster, leather.
You must know that in the past only the “SanMichelari” could produce these statuettes.
It was a profession with a license!!!
You can discover the history of Monte Sant’Angelo with a tour (info HERE)

Visiting the “Rione Junno”

The Rione Junno is the oldest and most characteristic district of Monte Sant’Angelo.
The small and white houses of the “Rione” seem to be part of a crib.
In these small houses lived families up to 10 people in spaces of less than 30 square meters.
Most of the time people shared the same house with animals like horses and donkeys.
Some houses in the Rione Junno have been transformed into accommodation for tourists, ideal for breathing the “air of Puglia”.
(click here and discover Le Casette nel Rione Junno)

The Rione Junno, medieval quarter

Lose yourself in the alleys of this original district, among breathtaking views and scents of the past is a unique experience.
During your visit to the Rione Junno, do not forget to visit the Complex of San Pietro (Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and Tomba di Rotari) and the Tancredi META Museum.
META is a free museum that will tell you about the arts and traditions of Monte Sant’Angelo and Gargano.
The META is a free museum that will tell you about the arts and traditions of Monte Sant’Angelo and the Gargano.
Tablets are available upon request to act as a “guide” and show you insights into the moments of agricultural and pastoral life, the ancient crafts and elements of the devotion to the cult of San Michele.
Even the little ones have a path dedicated to them. Ready to play with the history of Monte Sant’Angelo?

Museo Tacredi, META

A stone’s throw from the museum are some of the most beautiful historic artisan shops in Monte Sant’Angelo.
You can admire the working of limestone, the working of leather and wood.

– The Angel Wings

Go to Piazza de Galganis, in the historic center of Monte Sant’Angelo to see the contemporary work “The Angel Wings” by Colette Miller, a world-famous American artist.
From Los Angeles to the city of the Angel, the artwork will be part of the international map of his “Global Angel Wings Project”.
It will be an unmissable stop to take a super “Instagrammable” photo.

Colette Miller and her Angel Wings

– The Castle of Monte Sant’Angelo

The Castle in Monte Sant’Angelo

Near the Basilica of San Michele you can visit the Castle of Monte Sant’Angelo.
The Castle is characterized by having had influences from the various peoples who dominated Monte Sant’Angelo over time, including the Normans, the Swabians, the Angevins and the Aragonese.

Under the Norman domination, the Giants tower and the Quadra tower were built, while Frederick II of Swabia had the so-called Treasury room built.
The Angevins used it, mostly as a prison.

The current form highlights above all the influence of the Aragonese who built the almond-shaped tower and the moat that precedes the entrance portal as a defense from enemies.

To visit the Castle you pay an entrance ticket of only 2 euros.
In this way you will discover the many secrets of this place.
You will also be able to take advantage of the Castle’s position and enjoy a unique view of Monte Sant’Angelo, the Umbra Forest, the Gulf of Manfredonia.

The Castle of Monte Sant’Angelo periodically hosts numerous exhibitions, food and wine events, cultural events.
At the entrance to the Castle you will find an information point.

Don’t miss a visit!

Monte Sant’Angelo, a jewel between sea, mountains and forest

Monte Sant’Angelo is a jewel set between the sea and the mountains in the unspoiled nature of the Gargano National Park.

In a few minutes by car you can decide to reach the magnificent coast of Macchia (click here) e Mattinata (click here).
If you are looking for untouched nature, take the road inland and enjoy the nature of Foresta Umbra, UNESCO site.

The Foresta Umbra

You can decide to visit the hinterland of Monte Sant’Angelo, in the Carbonara Valley.
It is a valley, the result of a shift of the tectonic plates (with very strong attached earthquakes) in which gastronomic specialties are produced including the caciocavallo podolico of Gargano.
You can decide to take part in a demonstration with tasting in one of the farms in the area (click HERE).

La lavorazione del Caciocavallo

Processing and tasting of caciocavallo

In the Carbonara Valley the highest quality wheat is produced, suitable for the production of organic artisan pasta (click here).
You can decide to visit the surroundings of Monte Sant’Angelo by renting a MTB or E-Bike.
Find out more by clicking here.

How far is Monte Sant’Angelo from the sea

Monte Sant’Angelo is a town located 800 meters above sea level, in a strategic position.
Monte Sant’Angelo is only 15 km from the sea, making it a very popular destination.
Numerous excursions depart from Monte Sant’Angelo to discover the coast or the magnificent hinterland.

Do not miss an excursion to the Umbra Forest and the Pulsano Hermitages.

Take an excursion to the Umbra Forest

Discover the beauty of the Umbra Forest, a UNESCO site, a stone’s throw from Monte Sant’Angelo.
You can choose to visit the beauties of the forest, by bike, e-bike or mtb.

Visiting Umbra Forest in E-Bike

We have prepared incredible excursions for you.
Discover our proposals by clicking here.

Take an excursion to the Pulsano Hermitages

We recommend a visit to the Pulsano hermitages.
It is a mysterious valley where incredible secrets are kept.

Around the Abbey there are 24 hermitages.
The hermitages blend into the mountain.
Some hermitages had stone mills to produce wheat, others were equipped with systems for the production of wine and water conservation.

Find out more about the Pulsano Hermitages by clicking here.

Pulsano Abbey

Pulsano Abbey

What to buy in Monte Sant’Angelo

Here are some tips on what to buy in Monte Sant’Angelo.
Stop to taste the typical products.
Among all we recommend the famous bread of Monte Sant’Angelo,
Do not miss the caciocavallo podolico and the most disparate desserts.

Among these we recommend the ostie ripiene, cartellate, poperato, calzoncelli.
If you are still not full, you can end the day eating a mega panzerotto a la “Sixty-Seven”!

Where sleeping in Monte Sant’Angelo

Here is our choice to stay in Monte Sant’Angelo:

– Le Casette nel Rione
Located in the historic center of Rione Junno, in a strategic position to visit Monte Sant’Angelo on foot.

These are houses with all comforts, with free public parking nearby.
The management is familiar. The owners are very kind and will be able to show you the best of Monte Sant’Angelo and the Gargano. (info here)

– Hotel Michael
It is a small family-run hotel, located a few meters from the Basilica of San Michele.
Some of the rooms have a panoramic view of the Rione Junno of Monte Sant’Angelo. (info here)

Travel Tips:

– Pay attention to the opening and closing times of the Basilica of San Michele (closed from 12.30 to 2.30 pm and after 7.00 pm);

– META museum opening hours:
(from April to October)
Morning: 9.30 – 13.00
Afternoon: 15.00 – 18.00
Closing day: Monday

(from November to March)
Morning: 9.30 – 13.00
Weekends: morning and afternoon

– Visit the Norman – Swabian – Angevin – Aragonese castle (it is not a joke, it has really four different styles);

– Enjoy the panorama of the Gulf of Manfredonia from the “Belvedere”;

The tours that we offer have the pick-up service from Monte Sant’Angelo (click here for more information);

Photo gallery:

Discover Monte Sant’Angelo

1 The Basilica of San Michele, a UNESCO heritage;

2 The Angioina stairway, 86 steps to the cave of San Michele;

3 The cave of San Michele Arcangelo,

4 The Norman-Swabian-Aragonese-Angoian castle;

5 The medieval district “Rione Junno”, seen from META;

6 The “Rione Junno”, another perspective;

7 The Santissima Trinità Church in Piazza De Galganis;

8 Ostie Ripiene, the typical dessert of Monte Sant’Angelo;

9 Panoramic view from the Belvedere;

10 The Scannamugliera path, via Francigena del Sud;

The TOP of the Gargano

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