Macchia, marina of Monte Sant’Angelo


  • The town of Macchia is located in the territory of Monte Sant’Angelo and is also called “Marina di Monte Sant’Angelo“.
  • This seaside town is characterized by its Chianche (large “flat” boulders), used by the locals as natural solariums.
  • Macchia is famous for the production of olive oil.
  • In this area, prickly pears, rocket, rosemary and many other spontaneous herbs used in traditional recipes are born.

Not to miss:

A day at the beach, full of flavors

In the plain of Macchia you can have a big range of choices to spend a nice day at the sea.
You can opt for sandy beaches like Varcaro and Lido Macchia, beaches with chianche such as Acqua Azzurra and Chiancamasitto, pebble beaches with reddish colors like Punta Rossa.

Chiancamasitto beach

The sea beds of Macchia are ideal for underwater fishing.
Sea bass, sea bream, octopus, cuttlefish, cicadas and much more.
If you have no patience or fishing capacity, nothing is lost, given the presence of excellent restaurants that cook fresh fish.

The Bay of Lido Macchia

A bike ride on the Macchia coast

We recommend visiting the coast of Macchia with an E-Bike to discover all the secret coves, pedaling among olive trees, almond trees, prickly pears surrounded by the smell of wild spices.

Macchia coast by Bike

With the support of Mooveng, tours and bike rentals (find out more) you will be able to create a circular itinerary of several km, reaching the nearby beaches of Mattinata and Mattinatella, passing through Monte Saraceno, the Dauna necropolis with breathtaking landscapes.

Discover this unknown area of ​​the Gargano thanks to our advice.

Travel Tips:

– The most comfortable accesses to reach the beaches of Macchia are mostly private and open only from June to the first week of September (Chiancamasitto beach is always open);

– All the beaches of Macchia have paid guarded parking, excluding Chiancamasitto beach;

– From Macchia the Scannamugliera path leads to Monte Sant’Angelo;

– Some beaches are equipped to offer restaurant service (Lido Macchia 0884-530899) or Bar service (Lido Varcaro), the other beaches are not equipped with this service;

– For any additional information contact us on our social networks;

– The tours we offer have a pick-up service from Macchia (click here for more information);

Photo Gallery::

Discover Macchia

1 The Varcaro beach, sandy beach,

2 Punta Rossa beach, pebbles and sand,

3 Punta Rossa beach,

4 Chiancamasitto beach chianche,

5 View of Lido Macchia, sandy beach;

6 Olives harvest;

7 The fruit of the harvest;

8 The path of Scannamugliera which leads to Mont Sant’Angelo;

The TOP of the Gargano

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