Discover the most beautiful beaches of the Gargano National Park

Discover the most beautiful beaches of the Gargano.
The Gargano is famous for the variety and beauty of its beaches.
The coast that goes from Rodi Garganico to Vieste, passing through Peschici, is characterized by shallow waters with sand, suitable for families with children.

Gargano Coast

The coast that goes from Vieste to Macchia, passing through Mattinata, is characterized by having beaches with rocky bottoms, very white cliffs and colored pebbles.
These beaches often have slightly more “complicated” accesses, often reachable along paths or stairways, but you are rewarded with incredible shows.

Here is the list of our favorite beaches on the Gargano.
Of course there are other wonderful beaches not mentioned in the article, among all the Tremiti Islands
The beaches are in “geographical order” starting from the Macchia coast up to the Rodi Garganico coast.

Some of these beaches can only be reached by sea with a canoe or boat (find out more), with rental, group or private tours.
Ready to discover? Here is our TOP 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the Gargano.

– Chiancamasitto Beach

Chianamasitto beach is located in the territory of Monte Sant’Angelo, a hamlet of Macchia.
It is a beach with easy access.

This beach is characterized by chianche, enormous flat rock masses used as a solarium.
The chianche form natural pools accessible by steps carved into the rock.
Access is not always easy, but this place is really worth a visit.

Chiancamasitto Bay

The plain of Macchia is famous for the production of olive oil and on the road to reach Chiancamasitto you will find thousands of olive trees (even thousands of years old) and some almond trees.
Prickly pears, rocket, rosemary and many other wild herbs used in traditional recipes grow spontaneously in this area.

Macchia’s seabed is ideal for underwater fishing enthusiasts.
Sea bass, sea bream, octopus, cuttlefish, cicadas and much more.
The Chiancamasitto beach is completely wild and does not guarantee restaurant services or toilets.
In the nearby beaches, especially Lido Macchia, you can find very good catering services.

– Mattinatella bay

Mattinatella Bay is a beach located a few km from the town of Mattinata (click here).
It is a stretch of coast with cliffs overhanging the sea that creates breathtaking coves, how beautiful nature is!
Mattinatella beach is made up of colored pebbles, with a white base. A spectacle of nature.

Mattinatella Bay

In the Bay of Mattinatella you can choose between a public beach or a beach with services, including umbrellas and excellent fish restaurants.
You can count on services from mid-May to mid-September.
On other days of the year the beach is completely wild.

Mattinatella Bay

Mattinatella Bay is very strategic for visiting the wonderful Gargano coast with a boat tour (click here) or transparent canoe (click here).

– Cala delle Cattedrale

Cala delle Cattedrale is one of the most beautiful and wild beaches of the Gargano.
It is a beach with very white cliffs overhanging the sea.
Cala della Cattedrale can only be reached by sea, with a canoe from Mattinatella.

Cala delle Cattedrale

The beach is not very famous and is characterized by having a bottom of thin pebbles and a stack, not very visible from the sea!
The name is due to the shape of the cliff, which seems to reproduce a natural Gothic cathedral.
Cala della Cattedrale is completely wild, therefore devoid of any services.
Remember to bring your own food and trash bags to take everything away with you!

–  Baia delle Zagare Zagare

Baia delle Zagare is one of the most beautiful and exclusive beaches of the Gargano.
One of the two stacks has the shape of an arch and is believed to bring good luck to swim inside.

The Path of Love

Before going down to the Bay, don’t miss the opportunity to photograph the beach from the only existing vantage point, at the beginning The Path of Love.
The Baia delle Zagare beach is made up of small pebbles with iridescent colors.
The beach is not easy to access as there is no public parking.

The Faraglioni of Baia delle Zagare

How to reach Baia Delle Zagare?

– The beach can be accessed via a private access (from the Hotel Baia delle Zagare and Baia dei Faraglioni…not for all wallets!);

– You can reach the bay with boats that depart from Mattinata and Mattinatella or through an unmarked path (please write to us for details);

– One of the most innovative ways to discover Baia delle Zagare and its wonderful coast is to rent a transparent canoe (click here).

The departure is from Mattinatella beach.

If you do not access via private access, remember to bring water and food with you (the bar, services and restaurant service are reserved for hotel guests);

– Vignanotica Bay

Vignanotica Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Gargano.
Access to the beach is by parking the car in one of the car parks in the area and walking down a somewhat demanding staircase.
Some car parks and residences in the area have a shuttle service that takes you directly to the beach.

Once you reach the bay, place your belongings and start a pleasant walk to discover all the small caves there.

The bay seen from a cave

Some tourists use these caves to take refuge from the heat during the summer.
Bring a camera with you, you won’t regret it.

The most fascinating way to reach the bay of Vignanotica is a walk through the “Path of Love”, a panoramic and romantic trek (the name on google maps is Mergoli-Vignanotica path).

Spiaggia di Vignanotica spiagge Gargano

Vignanotica Bay at sunset

The Bay of Vignanotica is stormed in August and is the destination of numerous boat tours.
If you want some peace and quiet, choose the left or right side of the beach (wilder) and avoid the central part (where the services are located).

– Campi Bay

Campi Bay is a wonderful beach recognizable from the panoramic road Mattinata in Vieste for its islets.
It is a very scenic white pebbled bay.

Campi Bay

The main access is reserved for guests of the nearby tourist village, but there is also a public access.
If you are in the direction of Mattinata – Vieste, the public entrance is located a few meters after the private access, once you have passed the bend.

Baia di Campi is located in an ideal place to visit the Grotta Sfondata.
Rent a canoe or a sup and set off to discover this marvel.

The Grotta Sfondata

Recommendation not to take a nice fine.
You can park your car in the designated spaces or on the roadsides, but do not encroach on the roadway. The fine is almost guaranteed.

– San Felice Bay

Once in Baia San Felice the coast of the Gargano changes and its beaches become sandy with shallow waters.
The bay takes its name from the famous arch of San Felice.
Even the Saracen tower from which you can admire a breathtaking panorama is called San Felice.

Arch of San Felice

Access to the Bay is very simple, once you leave your car in the guarded parking area.
You can rent a pedal boat to visit the arch of San Felice and pass through it, when the sea is very calm.

– Beach of Pizzomunno 

Pizzomunno beach takes its name from Pizzomunno, a limestone monolith on which a famous legend was born.

La spiaggia di Pizzomunno spiagge Gargano

La spiaggia di Pizzomunno

The beach is located at the gates of Vieste and access and parking is very simple.
It is a sandy beach with shallow waters, suitable for families with small children.
Reachable on foot if you stay in Vieste.

– Cala Molinella

Cala Molinella is a small beach of fine sand with shallow water.
The entire bay is characterized by the presence of a Trabucco del Gargano (click here), an ancient fishing machine.

Fishing on the Trabucco

This bay is famous for the numerous experiences offered including the fishing demonstration on the Trabucco and sup yoga.

Cala Molinella

Access to the beach and parking is very easy.
In high season it is always advisable to book to find an umbrella available.

– Baia di Zaiana

After having parked the car, go down a flight of steps to find yourself on a beach of dark sand, with shallow water, set between the cliffs. Just wonderful.

La Spiaggia di Zaiana Peschici

Zaiana Bay

Much of the beach is free.
The road to reach the car park is a bit narrow and the steps a bit steep, but the view of the beach will amply repay the effort.
There is a panoramic path that connects Zaiana Bay to Mannacora Bay.

– Jalillo Bay

Jalillo Bay is a beautiful sandy beach with shallow waters.
The bay is an ideal place to enjoy a beautiful sea and take a nice walk while being able to admire the panorama of Peschici perched high up with its white houses.

Baia Jalillo Peschici

Jalillo Bay overlooking Peschici

The beach is very suggestive, due to the presence of some majestic stacks, which can be visited by walking in the opposite direction of Peschici.
The beach is accessible for people with disabilities.

Advice and curiosities

  • The beaches ranging from Baia San Felice to Baia Jalillo are made up of sand, shallow waters and have the sun until sunset;
  • The beaches that go from Chiancamasitto to Baia di Campi are made up of pebbles, have a high seabed and do not have sun in the late afternoon (it goes behind the cliffs), so we recommend a visit in the morning;
  • There are many beautiful beaches between Mattinata and Vieste that can only be reached by sea, on the model of Cala della Cattedrale, with very white cliffs overhanging the sea. You can visit it by boat (find out more)
  • The very white cliffs of the Gargano are interspersed with strips of flint, a material formed from sand and coral over millions of years;
  • The beaches of the Gargano are wild in most of the year and the lidos begin to offer beach services from June to mid-September (if you are looking for services before June, contact the lido first);
  • The coast of the Gargano is wild and more than half is accessible only by boat and canoe;
  • Do not park your car invading the roadway, the fine is almost guaranteed;