The Trabucchi and the Saracen Towers


  • The Trabucchi are ancient fishing machines, built in wood and “resting” on the rocky coasts of the Gargano
  • Some Trabucchi are still fully functional
  • The Saracen Towers are buildings erected in 1500 to defend themselves from the attack of the Turks (I Saraceni)
  • Both the Trabucchi and the Saracene Towers are located in very scenic places

Not to be missed:

Photographic tour of the Saracen Towers and Trabucchi

The coast that runs from Vieste and Peschici has numerous Saracen Towers and Trabucchi.
The Saracen Towers had to be built in points with an excellent view to guarantee the protection of the territory.
For this reason, visiting the Saracen towers is an opportunity to enjoy points from the enchanting panorama.

A Saracen tower and a Trabucco

The Trabucchi are ancient fishing machines that the Garganici used to fish from the ground.
In the past, going out fishing in a boat was very risky given the numerous pirate attacks.
The astute fishermen invented the trabucco, a machine that allowed them to continue fishing without risk.
A photo tour in these areas allows you to enjoy unique landscapes.
Do not miss a visit to the Tower of San Felice, from which you can admire the homonymous Architello of San Felice, one of the most photographed places in the Gargano.

Fishing and dinner on the Trabucco

Many Trabucchi Garganici are still active and have integrated the catering business to their fishing activity.
There are a few exclusive organized tours that allow tourists to enjoy the fishing experience on the trabucco in Vieste. (click here)

Fishing on Trabucco

In the municipality of Peschici there are Trabucchi-restaurants serving fresh fish.
The sunsets seen by the Trabucchi are enchanting.

To know:

– The Trabucchi are heritage protected by the “National Park of Gargano”;

– The Trabuccolanti (master builders of Trabucchi) were considered people of high social rank, given their unique mastery;

– The Saracen Towers were built so that each one could have visual communication with the others. In a few minutes you could give the warning signal on the whole coast of the Gargano and prepare the defense from the enemy.

Photo gallery:

Discover the Trabucchi and the Saracen towers

1 A Trabucco at sunset;

2 The maintenance of a Trabucco;

3 Tradition is handed down;

4 Hard work;

5 Trabucco is transformed into a restaurant;

6 A Trabucco and a Saracen Tower;

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