• Vieste is commonly referred to as “the pearl of the Gargano“.
  • The symbol of Vieste is the Pizzomunno, a 25 meter high monolith on which a song was written that participated in the Sanremo festival
  • In Vieste there is “La Salata“, one of the Most important necropolis of the Mediterranean
  • In Vieste you can watch the fishing demonstration of Trabucco, an ancient fishing machine (click here)
  • The night of September 29th a “night pilgrimage” starts from Vieste to Monte Sant’Angelo in honor of San Michele Arcangelo

Not to Miss:

A walk in the historic center

Stroll through the historic center of Vieste discovering breathtaking panoramic views from time to time.
Don’t miss visiting the Cathedral of Vieste and the Castle (by reservation only).

A panoramic view of Vieste

Vieste changes completely in the summer months.
The houses of the historic center are transformed into small shops and every corner of the village comes to life.
In summer the nightlife moves on the beaches, “Ultima Spiaggia” above all.

Practicing sports activities

Vieste is a tourist destination equipped for the practice of sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, given the constant wind that blows on its coasts.
Other activities such as biking, running and MTB and E-Bike are possible. (rent bike here)

One of the panoramic trails of the Gargano

The shallow waters of its coasts allow the practice of sports on the beach for the more adults and make the beach perfectly usable for the kids.

Visit the coast of Vieste by sea

The coast that goes from Vieste and Mattinata is wild and fantastic if visited by sea.
You can choose to visit the coast by boat or in a more natural way with SUP (click here).
Alternatively you can choose one of the boat tours, departing from Vieste. (click here).

La grotta Sfondata, litoranea tra Mattinata e Vieste

The Sfondata cave, on the coast road between Mattinata and Vieste

Among the many sports to practice near Vieste, there is the use of a Transparent Canoe (more info).

The video of the Gargano Coast seen from a Transparent Canoe


– Visit a Trabucco of Gargano

Gargano is famous for its Trabucchi, ancient hand-built fishing machines.
The project for rinascita dei trabucchi storici was born in Vieste, thanks to which it is possible to visit these “ancient machines” and watch fishing on the trabucco.
Take part in one of the trebuchet tours, an incredible experience with social values.
The proceeds from the tours are, in fact, used to renovate new trabucchi and create a school for trabuccolanti, the ancient craft of building trabucchi.

The school of trabuccolanti

– Staircase of lovers in Vieste

Vieste is a romantic town, with breathtaking views and secret glimpses. At the beginning of September Vieste dedicates an entire event to love with the Vieste in Love event.
If you are in Vieste in another period, do not be afraid.

The staircase of lovers in Vieste

You will have the opportunity to take a photo in the beautiful staircase of lovers in Vieste.
The verses of the song of “The legend of Cristalda and Pizzomunno” written by Max Gazzè and presented at the Sanremo festival in 2018 were drawn on the staircase.

– The beaches of Vieste

Vieste can count on a large number of beaches.
All the beaches around the city center are easily accessible, sandy and with shallow water.
Among these, how not to mention the Pizzomunno beach with the famous Pizzomunno monolith.

La Spiaggia di Pizzomunno a Vieste

Pizzomunno Beach

Moving towards Peschici we suggest a visit to some wonderful sandy beaches, including
Cala Molinella beach and San Lorenzo beach, both with views of the magnificent trabucchi of the Gargano and La Chianca beach, a beach characterized by a very suggestive islet.

Cala Molinella a Vieste

Cala Molinella

Moving on the side that goes from Vieste and Mattinata, it will be possible to reach Baia San Felice, Baia di Campi, Porto Greco and Cala della Pergola.
Baia San Felice is the only one of the four with a sandy bottom.
The Bay of San Felice takes its name from the homonymous Tower of San Felice and the Architect of San Felice, for obliged to take an unforgettable photo.
The Bay has a guarded parking spot.

L'Arco di San Felice Vieste

The Arch of San Felice Vieste

The other three beaches are characterized by sandy shores made up of pebbles, crystal clear sea and a seabed that degrades quickly.
Porto Greco can be reached with a fairly demanding walk in a pine forest, while Baia di Campi and Cala la Pergola have easier access.

Baia di Campi a Vieste

Baia di Campi

These are very sought-after beaches, where it is not easy to find parking in the summer, in the high season.
Be early in the morning to be able to find a place and enjoy the sun and the most beautiful colors.

– Necropolis La Salata near Vieste

8 km from Vieste there’s “La Salata”, one of the most important necropolises in the Mediterranean
Located in an area of ​​6000 square meters, called Oasi La Salata, from the name of the stream that runs through it, it is an early Christian burial complex, consisting of over 300 tombs carved into the rock dating back to the III-IV century. A.D. . It is assumed that it was the cemetery of the Roman villa of Merino, an ancient farm.

La necropoli della Salata a Vieste

The necropolis of Salata

It is a much loved destination by historians, tourists and archeology enthusiasts. We recommend a visit to the necropolis accompanied by a guide.
You can book your visit to the necropolis La Salata (click here).

– What to see around Vieste

We recommend that you visit the surroundings of Vieste, in the Gargano National Park.
You can start with a visit to Monte Sant’Angelo (click here), a UNESCO site city for the Basilica of San Michele.
Do not miss the Rione Junno, the millenary district of Monte Sant’Angelo.
It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Puglia, where life flows slowly, as in the past.

The Rione Junno of Monte Sant’Angelo

Continue your visit in the city of Manfredonia (click here), discovering the castle and the church of Santa Maria di Siponto.
Have you ever seen a “ghost church”?
We recommend that you visit the church of Santa Maria di Siponto at Sunset (info here).

Santa Maria di Siponto

Santa Maria di Siponto

If you are a bit hot or you simply like unspoiled nature, you cannot miss a visit to the Umbra Forest (click here), a UNESCO site for its beech woods.
In the forest you can do many activities including trekking, MTB and E-Bike.

La Foresta Umbra

The Umbra Forest

Where to sleep in Vieste

Here are our choices for a Vieste stay:

– Estlevante B&B:
If you want to sleep in the heart of Vieste, this is the B&B for you!
Excellent cleanliness and excellent breakfast with panoramic views. Close to Pizzomunno beach. (info here)

– I Tesori del Sud farmhouse:
A little away from the historic center of Vieste and the confusion of the beaches, it has the ideal location for those seeking relaxation in a very nice environment.
It offers self-catering bungalows, a beautiful garden with an outdoor swimming pool, and has an excellent restaurant / pizzeria.
It has agreements with the beaches and they rent bicycles. (info here)

– Cala Molinella:
In the Bay of Molinella between Vieste and Peschici, it is an Eco-Village that is very attentive to the customer and the environment.
The managers organize eco-sustainable tours and are the managers of a very nice beach. (info here)

Travel Tips:

Numerous ferries leave from the port of Vieste to the Tremiti islands;

– Finding parking in the center of Vieste in high season can be very complicated!;

– The beaches of Vieste are sandy, with shallow waters and are stormed during periods of high season;

– You can visit the coast and the sea caves by sea (in the direction of Mattinata) renting an inflatable boat or entrusting yourself to the many tours that start from the coast (Mass Tour !!!);

– The Tours we offer have a pick-up service up from Vieste (click here for more information);

Photo gallery:

Discover Vieste

1 Panoramic view of Vieste;

2 A tourist photographs the Pizzomunno;

3 An arc towards the Sea;

4 Panorama of Vieste, view from the church of San Francesco;

5 Panoramic view of Vieste, photo taken in the Marina Piccola;

6 The “Chianca Amara”, symbol of the massacre of the Viestisani (Inhabitants of vieste) in 1554;

7 Shops in the historic center of Vieste;

The TOP of the Gargano

Continue to discover the Gargano and the beauties of this land