Rodi Garganico


  • Rodi Garganico received the blue flag in 2022
  • The patronal feast is on 2 and 3 July in honor of the patron saint Maria Santissima della Libera and San Cristoforo.
  • The coast of Rodi Gargano is made up of exclusively sandy beaches
  • The Femminello del Gargano IGP lemon is produced in Rodi Garganico
  • In the locality “Sotto il Castello” you can see the defensive walls of the port of Rodi Garganico, which were once quite imposing and which have gradually been transformed into homes

What to visit in Rodi Garganico::

(not to miss)

– Discover the historic center

Do not miss a walk in the historic center of Rodi Gargano at sunset and in the evening.
White houses, craft shops, small shops where you can try typical local products: this is Rodi Garganico!

In the historic centre

– Beaches of Rodi Garganico, Ponente and Levante

Rodi Garganico can count on several beaches near the town.
The beaches of Rodi Garganico are all sandy, with shallow water, a feature that makes them ideal for families with children.
The Levante beach extends east of the Municipality of Rhodes, in the direction of San Menaio for 4 km and is an area sheltered from the winds.
Its waters are sandy, shallow and not very windy and wavy, precisely because of the protection offered by the nearby port.
This beach is very wide and can count on a public beach and/or numerous bathing establishments

Spiaggia di Levante

Levante Beach

The Ponente beach extends to the west of the Municipality including the “Sotto la Costa” beach, the Santa Barbara bay beach and the Lido del sole beach, where most of the Rodian tourist infrastructures are concentrated.

Spiaggia di Ponente

Ponente Beach

On the western side, on the border with the municipality of Ischitella, there is the mouth of the Torrente Romandato.
The path in the Romandato stream is one of the most beautiful trekking in the Gargano.
Along the way, you can admire the phenomenon of karst that has shaped the Gargano for millennia.

You pass through the narrow gorges of the Romondato torrent carved out by the power of the water over the millennia.
In some points the gorges reach considerable heights such as to give them the scientifically improper name of “canyon” of the Gargano. 

Gargano Canyon

– A Tour to the Tremiti Islands departing from Rodi Garganico

Rodi Garganico boasts a modern and comfortable port from which ferries and private excursions depart to visit the Gargano coast and the Tremiti Islands.

Il Porto di Rodi Garganico

The Port of Rodi Garganico

The port can be reached on foot from the Old Town of Rhodes, but the road has steep slopes.
You can choose to arrive by car and use the large guarded parking lot at the port of Rodi Garganico before embarking and enjoying the splendor of the Gargano coast.

– What to do in Rodi Garganico in the evening

Rodi Garganico is completely transformed in the summer (July and August) and the many bars on the beach and in the historic center come to life, with live concerts, theme nights, and events of all kinds.
In the other months of the year Rodi Garganico is a town that travels at a slow pace.

– The Citrus Oasis of Rodi Garganico

Rodi Garganico, together with the municipalities of Vico del Gargano and Ischitella produces the Gargano orange and the Femminello del Gargano lemon, both IGP products.
In Rhodes, the cultivation and production of citrus fruits is a historic activity as evidenced by the citrus gardens that surround the town.

Oasi Agrumaria

Walk in the Citrus Oasis

The citrus groves are clearly visible along the rural roads that climb the hills from the seafront to San Menaio.
In the month of May, in the flowering period, the intense scent of orange blossoms can be perceived from all over the coast.

– What to visit around Rodi Garganico

Rodi Garganico is located a short drive from the Umbra Forest, a UNESCO site (click here)
You can organize one of the many activities proposed, including tekking, MTB and E-Bike.
We organize tours suitable for adults and children.
For info and reservations write on whatsapp at +39 328/9559567

Noleggio e Tour in Ebike nella Foresta Umbra

From Rodi Garganico you can organize numerous activities including visits to Vieste, Peschici, Monte Sant’Angelo (UNESCO site) and much more.

Il Rione Junno di Monte Sant'Angelo

The Historic center, Junno of Monte Sant’Angelo

Where to sleep in Rodi Garganico

You can choose to sleep in the historic center of Rodi Garganico or in one of the many structures located by the sea.


– From the port of Rodi Garganico ferries leave for the Tremiti Islands;

– During the high season it can be difficult to find parking in the historic center of Rodi Garganico;

The TOP of the Gargano

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