The Tremiti Islands


  • The Tremiti Islands are an archipelago composed of five islands, of which only two are inhabited
  • They were known in ancient times under the name of “Diomedee”, from the name of the Greek hero Diomede who was buried there
  • The Diomedee are the seagulls of the Tremiti Islands, which the legend recounts to be Diomede’s friends, who remained crying on the island after his death
  • The famous singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla wrote many songs taking inspiration from the Tremiti Islands, where he had honorary citizenship

Not to miss:

A tour to discover the beauties of the archipelago:

One of the most interesting ways to visit the beauties of these islands is to rent a small boat.

Visiting Tremiti Islands by boat

Do not miss a visit to the caves and the beautiful deserted beaches in the archipelago.
A statue of Saint Pio was immersed in the depths of the water.
Try to look for it!

The visit of the islands of San Nicola and San Domino:

Visit the Tremiti islands walking.
San Nicola is the island with a predominant historical-cultural-religious interest in the archipelago.

The diomedee, the seagulls of the Tremiti Islands

Visit the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Mare then go down to the marina and take a taxiboat to the island of San Domino, where you can hike through breathtaking nature trails and reach the many pristine coves.

The wonder of the Tremiti Islands 

Travel Tips

– You can travel around the island by renting a boat or starting with one of the many organized tours (do not hesitate to contact us);

– On the island of San Domino there are numerous restaurants, a good alternative to a packed lunch;

– The Tremiti islands are reachable from the ports of Vieste, Peschici and Capojale and from the Heliport of Foggia and Vieste (click here);

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