Mountain bike tour and rental (Gargano National Park)

Visit the Gargano National Park by renting a bike or joining one of our tours.
You can decide to visit the Gargano National Park by renting our E-Bikes starting from the price of 30 euros for half a day, 50 euros full day.
The price for a seven day is 200 euros.

We have different models of bikes, electric and muscular (with further discounts)
For info and reservations write on whatsapp to the number +39 328/9559567

E-Bike Lapierre Overvolt

We have numerous proposals for organized tours or tours on request.
Here are the next tours starting on MTB and E-Bike on the Gargano

– The Foresta Umbra in Ebike

The Umbra Forest is the green lung of the Gargano, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the very ancient beech trees that populate it.
We have selected a tourist level itinerary for you to discover the beauties of the Umbra Forest.

Foresta Umbra By Bike

Excursions in the Umbra Forest are indicated from the beginning of spring until the end of September.
The shade of the forest mitigates the temperatures in the “hot months”, so you can enjoy an optimal climate for nature lovers.


  • 1 MAY, 5 MAY, 12 MAY, 19 MAY, 26 MAY (10.30 am)
  • ON DEMAND (at least LEAST 6 people)

As shown in the image, there are MTB and Ebike rental options and tour options, departing every day.
It will be possible, upon reservation, to finish the tour with the PIT STOP, a tasting of wines from the Elda winery to be paired with the single dish created by chef Ratti. This is the Ride & Taste option, to end the experience in style.

Pit Stop after Bike Tour


  • 10.10 Appointment at the Elda Hotel, in the heart of the Umbra Forest
  • 10.30 Departure of the tour to discover the Umbra Forest in the Gargano National Park
  • The Umbra Forest Tour by bike includes a visit to the Falascone Nature Reserve, the Umbra lake, the cutino d’otri, the Murgia barracks, the Daini Reserve
  • 1.30 pm Return to Elda Hotel, where you can stop for lunch (not included in the tour)

The price of the tour for one person with Ebike is 40 euros.
The price of the tour for one person with MTB is 25 euros (for trained people).
The cost includes bike rental, helmet and licensed guide service.

The Ebike tour is suitable for bikes with child seats

Other Options:

  • Medium difficulty level
  • Discounts for families and children
  • Installation of child seats on ebikes
  • Discounts for groups, from 4 pax
  • Possibility of bringing small pets on your bike

For info and reservations call the number +39 328/9559567
Reservation for the tour and bike rental required.

Recommended clothing:
We recommend layered clothing and trainers.
In Foresta Umbra there are on average 7 degrees cooler than the coast, so don’t be caught unprepared.

The Foresta Umbra, UNESCO site

Upon request, subject to availability, we can organize the tour in the afternoon from 14.30 to 17.30.
We can customize the itinerary for groups of at least 4 pax.

As an alternative to the tours, you can rent your MTB or E-Bike and visit the Umbra Forest and the Gargano independently, every day of the year (reservation required).

E-Bike and MTB Rental Price

 – Half Day (9,30 to 13,30 or 13,30 to 17,30)
E-Bike 30 euros, MTB 20 euros

Full Day (9,30 to 17,30)
Ebike 50 euros, MTB 30 euros

Here are the MTB and E-Bike tours on the Gargano to be made on request

Experience the Gargano in a green way.
We organize tours and mountain bike rental and/or electric bike rental to discover the Gargano with guided and/or self-guided tours.

The breathtaking paths of the Gargano

We can offer easy-family itineraries, excursion itineraries with a sporty approach and expert level.
Discover with us the beauty of the Umbra Forest and many other MTB and E-Bike itineraries on the Gargano.
Download the MooVeng APP to discover the recommended routes (click here).

One of our Umbra Forest Tours

The Heart of the Gargano awaits you!
Come and discover it with our tours or rent your mtb or e-bike and set off to discover.

Here are some of our proposals, always customizable:

We organize fully customizable tours for small groups.
The departure of each tour is agreed with the customer.
It will be possible to use, on request, the shuttle service for people, bikes and luggage.
You can choose between the guided option and the self-guided option (with gpx track).

– In the footsteps of the Dauni

This itinerary will allow us to visit the Daune necropolis on Monte Saraceno.
We have selected for you 2 itineraries of different levels (tourist and excursion) in order to discover the beauties of these places.

We will start by visiting the Macchia coast, discovering the natural pools of the Chiancamasitto beach.
It will be possible to visit numerous secret coves in this little-known but splendid part of the coast.

Chiancamasitto natural pool

We will reach Monte Saraceno, a point of historical and naturalistic interest with spectacular views.
We will return to the “starting point”, passing through the streets of the aqueduct, among ancient olive trees, farms and breathtaking panoramic views.

For more information and to book, write on whatsapp to the number +39 328/9559567
It will be possible to customize the itinerary, with a shuttle service for those staying in Mattinata, on demand.
The itinerary starts at a bus stop that can also be reached from Monte Sant’Angelo and Manfredonia by public transport.

– The Sitizzo Valley

In this itinerary we will go to the discovery of the Sitizzo Valley, between Monte Sant’Angelo and San Giovanni Rotondo.

Discovering Sitizzo and Bosco Quarto

We have selected for you 2 itineraries of different levels (tourist and excursion) in order to discover the beauties of this wonderful valley.

Degustazione a Km 0

The route is characterized by continuous changes of landscape.
It starts with a “barren” territory, an ideal ground for the birth of orchids in the spring months.
We will discover the magic of Bosco Quarto, with its majestic Cerri.
We recommend this itinerary in the months from March to June and from September to October.

– The beauties of Monte Sant’Angelo

This wonderful itinerary will let us discover the beauties of the hinterland of Monte Sant’Angelo.

Partenza Da Monte Sant’Angelo

The departure takes place from the Basilica of Monte Sant’Angelo, a UNESCO site.
It is one of the oldest and most historic places in Italy.

Discovering the hinterland of Monte Sant’Angelo

It is an excursion medium level.
We start with a visit to the ridge of Monte Sant’Angelo, towards the church of the Madonna degli Angeli.

The Valley of Orchids

It is a privileged panoramic view, which sweeps between the sea and the Umbra Forest.
We continue with the discovery of Bosco Quarto, to conclude the itinerary in the Sitizzo Valley.
The itinerary includes several areas full of orchids, in the spring period.

– The coastal wonders of the Gargano

Discover this fantastic itinerary to discover the wonders of the Gargano coast.
The itinerary is of an excursion level and will allow us to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.
Recommended itinerary from March to May and from September to the end of October.

Gargano Coast tour in Ebike

– Customization of itineraries over several days

Due to our experience and our Vans and Bike-assistance, it will be possible to structure and organize personalized tours lasting several days, to discover the Gargano National Park.

Gargano Tour in Ebike and MTB

We have agreements with Tourist Structures specialized in welcoming and assisting cyclists (click here).
It will be possible to request the shuttle service from Foggia and Bari airport and train and bus stations for small groups.