Vico del Gargano


  • Vico del Gargano is part of Borghi più Belli d’Italia “the most beautiful villages in Italy”
  • The territory of Vico del Gargano extends to the sea, with the seaside areas of Calenella and San Menaio
  • Vico del Gargano is famous for its oranges, awarded the IGP mark
  • The Umbra Forest, a UNESCO site, is located in the territory of Monte Sant’Angelo, Vico del Gargano e Vieste.
  • Discover numerous Trekking on the Gargano in the surroundings of Vico del Gargano, including the Romandato Trekking “the Gargano Canyon”

What to visit in Vico del Gargano:

(Not to be missed)

– Visit the historic center

The most evocative part of Vico del Gargano is certainly the historic center, a labyrinth of alleys to be discovered, surrounded by walls, which over the centuries have been incorporated into the city fabric

Do not miss a photo of the Palazzo della Bella and the Castle of Vico del Gargano.

The building, built by Ignazio Della Bella, is a “recent” construction of the 20th century and re-proposes the neo-Gothic architecture of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.
Spread over two floors, bordered by two smaller circular towers and the majestic tower that dominates the building.

Centro Storico di Vico del Gargano, vista

Historic center of Vico del Gargano, view

Walking through Vico del Gargano you will find yourself in front of the Castle with a quadrilateral shape.
The Castle is made up of various modules added in the various eras with the coming to Vico of Normans, Swabians and Aragonese who governed Vico in antiquity.
You may decide to have a meal in the castle courtyard, served in a unique setting.

Nei vicoli di Vico del Gargano

In the alleys of Vico del Gargano

You can take a fantastic picture of Vico del Gargano by leaving the historic district and going to the contrada mannarelle, just outside the town.

Among the attractions not to be missed in Vico del Gargano we suggest the Church of Purgatory, Il Trappeto Maratea and Il Vicolo del Bacio.

– Trappeto Maratea Museum

A visit to this museum is a must if you are in Vico del Gargano.
It is a museum located in an underground trap.

Cosa fare a Vico del Gargano Museo Trappeto Maratea

IThe Trappeto Maratea Museum

The underground trappeti were once customary in Puglia.
The olives were taken to the trappeto where ancient machinery pulled by human force or by pack animals allowed the production of the green gold, the oil of the Gargano.

We recommend booking a visit to the Trappeto Maratea Museum with the help of a guide, so as to be able to understand the secrets of this very special place.

– The Valentine’s Day in Vico del Gargano

The patronal feast of Vico del Gargano is Valentine’s Day and is celebrated on February 14, as per tradition.
For the occasion, Vico is transformed and the alleys of the historic center are filled with hearts and oranges, symbols of Vico.
For centuries there has been the tradition of blessing oranges in Chiesa Matrice, where the statue of San Valentino is framed by hundreds of oranges, which the faithful can take and eat.

La cornice di arance per San Valentino

The frame of oranges for Valentine’s Day

The statue is carried in procession through the streets of the historic center on the morning of February 14th.
More and more lovers come to Vico del Gargano to dedicate thoughts of love in the alleys of the historic center, filled with hearts made from pine branches of orange fruits.

– Il Vicolo del Bacio

For years now more and more couples have been coming to Vico del Gargano to exchange a kiss of love under the Vicolo del Bacio.
It is the narrowest alley of Vico del Gargano, impossible to pass in 2 … so what a kiss it is! 

Il Vicolo del Bacio a Vico del Gargano

Il Vicolo del Bacio

– What to do in Vico del Gargano in the evening

Vico del Gargano is a quiet town that transforms itself in the summer.
We recommend a walk with dinner in the historic center, enjoying the classic fresh breeze from the sea.
More and more tourists flee the coast in the summer to this tranquil destination for its serenity.

– What to eat in Vico del Gargano

If you pass by Vico del Gargano, don’t forget to taste the Paposcia.
The dialect term “paposcia” could be translated as Pantofola!
What is paposcia?

La Paposcia di Vico del Gargano

The Paposcia of Vico del Gargano

It is a sandwich, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, that can be filled with anything you like.
Its softness is due to the use of “growing” sourdough.

It is a centuries-old product, born from the flour left over from the processing and production of bread.
The paposcia of Vico del Gargano has received numerous awards.

Le arance di Vico del Gargano

The oranges of Vico del Gargano

Don’t forget to buy the Vico oranges and the Femminiello lemons, both PGI products.
They are the same oranges used to adorn the historic center of Vico del Gargano during the Valentine’s Day celebration.

– Easter in Vico del Gargano

Vico del Gargano is one of the towns in Puglia where you can experience unique centuries-old Easter traditions.
The preparation of these celebrations is deeply felt by the community of Vico and the preparations for the celebrations are very long.

Processione a Vico del Gargano

Procession in Vico del Gargano

The 12 churches of Vico del Gargano are adorned for the occasion by the various quarters, almost as if they wanted to excel over the others and on Holy Thursday it is customary to visit these churches, traction of the sepulchres.
In the late evening, the “l’uffizio delle tenebre” comes to life in the churches where the brotherhoods are located, in which the age-old songs of the Vichese religious tradition are sung.

La Pasqua a Vico del Gargano

Easter in Vico del Gargano

On Friday, the rites of Holy Week continue with the spectacular Good Friday procession.
Impossible to describe … you have to be there to understand!

– What to visit around Vico del Gargano

Vico del Gargano is located a short drive from the Umbra Forest, a UNESCO site (click here)
You can organize one of the many activities proposed, including trekking, MTB and E-Bike.
We organize tours suitable for adults and children.
For info and reservations write on whatsapp at
 +39 328/9559567.

Noleggio e Tour in Ebike nella Foresta Umbra

From Vico del Gargano you can organize numerous activities including visits to Peschici, Vieste, Monte Sant’Angelo (UNESCO site) and much more.

Il Rione Junno di Monte Sant'Angelo

The Rione Junno of Monte Sant’Angelo

Where to sleep in Vico del Gargano

You can decide to stay in the historic center of Vico, if you like to escape the crowds or on the seafront 15 minutes away by car, if you prefer a “full beach” holiday.


– During the high season it can be difficult to find parking in the historic center of Vico del Gargano;

– The tours we offer have a pick-up service from Vico del Gargano;


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