Vignanotica Bay


  • The bay of Vignanotica is located in the territory of Mattinata
  • With its characteristic white rocks overlooking the sea (called Falesie), Vignanotica is one of the most beautiful bays of the Gargano peninsula
  • The white color of the Falesia is due to the calcareous nature of the rock, interspersed with layers of flint
  • If you rent a pedal boat you can discover numerous sea caves including the Grotta dei Colombi, the Grotta dei Sogni and the Grotta Campana Grande.

Not to miss:

A walk to discover the small terrestrial caves:

Once you reach the bay, place your belongings and start a pleasant walk to discover all the small caves.

Vignanotica Bay

Some tourists use these caves to take refuge from the heat during the summer.
Take a camera with you, you will not regret it.

The Amore Path

The most fascinating way to reach the bay of Vignanotica is a walk through the “Amore Path”, a scenic and romantic trekking.

The Amore Path

The path has no parking. Contact us, we will organize a fantastic journey in this paradise (click here).


Travel Tips

– You can reach Vignanotica by car, by boat or by hiking;

– If you reach the bay by car, you must leave the vehicle in one of the private car parks and use the shuttle service (they are a bit “rustic” but fun);

– In the summer months the beach is equipped and has two good dining options, in the other months it remains completely deserted and wild. If you arrive out of season, bring food and water for a nice picnic;

– To visit the wildest part of Vignanotica choose the extreme sides of the Bay;

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