Baia delle Zagare


  • The name “Baia delle Zagare” derives from the flowers of oranges and lemons that are nearby
  • The beach is one of the most photographed in the Gargano for its two characteristic faraglioni
  • Baia delle Zagare is also called “Baia del Mergoli”
  • A kilometer from this beach starts a breathtaking nature trail that ends in the nearby “Baia di Vignanotica” (click here)

Not to be missed:

A day of relaxation at the sea

Baia delle Zagare is one of the most beautiful and exclusive beaches of the Gargano.
One of the two faraglioni has the shape of an arch and is believed to bring good luck to swim inside.

Baia delle Zagare Beach

Before going down to the Bay do not miss the opportunity to photograph the beach from the only existing vantage point (click here).
Baia delle Zagare beach is made up of small multi colored pebbles. The beach is not easy to access as it does not have public parking.
You will find the information to reach Baia Delle Zagare reading Travel Tips.

Discover Baia delle Zagare in a transparent canoe

One of the most innovative ways to discover Baia delle Zagare and its wonderful coast is to rent a transparent canoe.

The departure is from the Mattinatella.
In a few minutes you can reach pristine bays, sea caves.

A journey into the uncontaminated nature of the Gargano

A journey into the uncontaminated nature of the Gargano

The peace of the places and the sound of nature will be the setting for an unforgettable experience.
It will be possible to reach and stop in Baia delle Zagare, Cala della Pipa, Cala della Cattedrale and in many other unspoiled beaches.

The canoe rental is daily, with departure in the morning, in order to start the tour with optimal temperatures and have the sea with a favorable wave.
We recommend that you bring a packed lunch, a good amount of water and a great desire to have fun.

Find out more by clicking HERE.

Travel Tips:

– Reach the bay in the morning if you want to enjoy the unique colors of the bay (the sun goes away behind the mountains in the early hours of the afternoon);

– You can access the beach through a private access (from Hotel Baia delle Zagare and Baia dei Faraglioni … not for all wallets!);

– You can access the bay with boats that leave from Mattinata and Mattinatella or through a path not marked (write us);

– If you do not access through private access, remember to bring water and food with you (the restaurant service is reserved for Hotel guests);

– We organize excursions to reach the bay either by boat tour or by walking (click here);

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